Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Tuesday

Here it is another Tuesday. Yes indeed and it is COLD outside! You know it's really cold when BB runs outside to potty and sprints back to the house pulling me on her leash. Usually she wants to stay outside as much as possible.

I am excited tonight to watch the Biggest Loser! Finally got to watch last week's episode last night. I also tried to watch part of 24...but was to tired so headed to bed instead. I am debating what to do about American Idol. I seem to always say I am not going to watch it and then get caught up in it. Guess I need to make a decision tonight. So much to watch just have to find the time.

I bought a magazine today to read during lunch that is all about organization and storage. It suggests each month to organize one room in your home. Sounds like a good plan..right? I am debating on which room to do first. They suggest the office, but I am thinking the laundry room. I ordered a little something for the laundry room from http://www.etsy.com/ and am so eager to get it in the mail. I have an idea of what to do to the room, but am always open for suggestions. Anybody have any? I spend a lot of time in the room and want it to be fun. We are not going to paint, but I want to add some decor and organization items. I am thinking the theme of the room will be "friends". No, not the show, I want to kind of set aside a room in my house to display all of my friends. Sound crazy for a laundry room? I can see it in my head, but hard to explain. And who better to start with than the two best friends I grew up watching...Lucy and Ethel. I know, it's hard to explain and it may not make sense, but the reason I chose the laundry room is because it's a room that we all have in common, I mean...we all do laundry..even though we may not like to at times. I promise to take before and after pictures. Maybe it will make more sense then.

I have searched and searched online for ideas, but haven't found much of anything. Anybody have a laundry room they love?

Other than planning out the laundry room, I am working on a couple of sewing projects. One will be used for my first blog candy....to come next week. So be ready to participate!

I have added a couple more recipes on my recipe blog, so be sure to check them out. We are trying to eat more healthy and have cut back our portions as well as cut out a lot of the carbs. So far so good, but it's hard! I am craving sweets! I am allowing myself to have one Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip cookie a day...one point! They aren't too bad either! Off to cook dinner I go.

Enjoy your evening! Stay warm!

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