Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Mondays!

It’s Not Me Monday…let’s begin.

I did NOT go to the bathroom at work on Friday and begin to button up my jeans and find that the button popped right off and broken into a thousand little pieces on the floor! And then I most certainly did NOT rush to my desk and find a paperclip and somehow use it to fasten the top of my jeans together until I got home!

I did NOT go to Hobby Lobby after work and in the middle of my shopping about pee my pants so I would certainly not rush to the bathroom get into the stall and then realize that I paper clipped my jeans together and almost didn’t get them down in time. NOT ME!

I did NOT enjoy driving to work today thanks to all those who have this holiday off and I really did NOT wish that the traffic was like this every day so that my life would be more calm in the morning, nope, NOT ME!

I did NOT begin decorating the laundry room without telling the hubby, NOT ME! And I did NOT hope that he wouldn’t notice last night that I hung vinyl lettering above the dryer and I was not thankful that he hasn’t been in the room yet! NOT ME! (it is not obvious he never enters that room..ha!)

I did NOT spend every day since Thursday with a huge smile on my face and excitement in my eyes because of the new company, Thirty-One Gifts, that I joined. I am NOT looking forward to it at all!

I did NOT go to see the movie Gran Torino with the hubby wishing that I was going to see Marley and Me or anything else, and I did NOT leave the movie happy that I saw it. NOT ME!

And finally….I did NOT loose 3 lbs this week! And I am not excited about it at all! WOO HOO! I would NOT say that it has anything to do with working out and bringing my lunch to work. Nope….not at all!

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Anonymous said...

I love your week and your not me's too! The button falling off cracked me up!