Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love short work days

Today was not meant to be a short work day, but after convincing the hubby to go see the doctor this morning, I decided I should be there with him to hear what the doctor said. After being married almost 4 years, I have learned that if I want to know what the doctor says, I should just go along to the appointment. Otherwise, I am not going to be told even half of what the doctor says. So, I did just that today.

My hubby works out almost every day of the week. He has set certain goals for himself and I am very proud of him. However, he has overworked his body to the point of exhaustion and pain. It has been so bad lately that it has been affecting every other portion of his life (need I say more). After a little chat this morning, he finally agreed that the doctor might be able to tell us what was wrong.

After x-rays, I am happy to say that nothing major is wrong! Praise God! We were both so worried that he had injured himself to the point that he would not be able to work out ever again. It is truly amazing how God works and gives us just the right doctor today to tell him it's okay to work out...but he needs to not work out his bicep for two weeks. Had he seen the other two doctors in the office, I am pretty sure he would not have been convinced to do so. He and I are SO RELIEVED!

So after a long doctor's appointment this afternoon, the hubby took me to our absolute favorite place to eat...The Corner Cafe. I had a HUGE piece of Banana Cream Pie and a cup of coffee. Can I say Delicious!!

We are all snuggled in at home now, he in his rocking chair, BB on her bed and me on the sofa. Ready for the big game on tv tonight!

Until the game comes on, I believe I will do a little organization in the craft room....time to have a little me time. It has been a VERY LONG WEEK!

Enjoy your evening....

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