Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayers requested

There are a few people I would like to lift up in prayers.

The first is my nephew, little "I". He was taken to the emergency room last night and had lots of tests done, which have all come back ok. Praise God! However, he has been fighting a fever for a week and not feeling the best. The little guy has been fighting a cold/infection/pneumonia/or something else for about 2 months and we need to get him healthy before his 1st birthday in a few weeks!

The second request is for a blogfriend of mine, Kelly and her husband Scott and new baby girl, Harper. Their link is on the right side if you want more details. Baby Harper needs our prayers!

The third request is for Shawndra Turner. I know I have requested prayers before, but wanted her to be lifted up again.

Thanks all! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! I may post again later with my recent purchases from Hobby Lobby...I LOVE THAT STORE!

Until later...

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