Monday, August 3, 2009

Broken cord

Yes. That is my excuse for not blogging. My laptop adapter cord has been broken and I couldn't charge my laptop and was to busy to sit down upstairs in the craftroom to blog. One of the reasons we got the laptop is to that I could sit around with Hubby and work on the computer while he watches his shows. Without a laptop, I spent time doing other things this weekend.

I ran to Best Buy tonight and bought a new I am back in business. Boy was it pricey!

This weekend was busy. Friday evening I prepared for the garage sale on Saturday. Saturday morning the garage sale was a success. We got rid of Hubby's two recliners and several other items. I have a pile of stuff to go to Goodwill and feel good that it is over.

My parents came down Saturday evening and we went out to dinner at my favorite place....The Corner Cafe. Oh it was so GOOD. I just can't say enough about that place...I have yet to have anything horrible there. It was great to spend some time with my parents. I miss them and feel like we don't get to see each other was relaxing and I enjoyed every minute!

Sunday, Hubby and I spent the day around the house doing yardwork, laundry, and cleaning. Never a dull moment!

Now it's back to work this week.

I have been busy cutting fabric and putting new styles of bags together....I am a little behind in posting updates....but promise I will get it all done this week!!

Have a good night!

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