Friday, July 31, 2009

Loving it!

Yes...I am loving it! The weather that is! What did you think I was talking about??? geesh! ha!

I can't hardly believe that it is August tomorrow and it is so nice out!

What I don't like though is how it is affecting my allergies ( I get headaches) ...and my hubby's (he snores and gets all stuffed up!). I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought a car was in our room....SERIOUSLY! I have NEVER EVER EVER heard such noises coming out of my husband's nose/mouth. It sounded so a car...a REALLY LOUD CAR! Love you hubs...but was impressive the noises you were making! He told me I just needed to roll him on his try to roll a 270 lb guy over on his side in dead sleep. I don't think so! Let's hope tonight isn't like that.

Anyways....Hoping that the rain comes quickly early tomorrow morning and moves out just in time for my garage sale!

Speaking of my garage sale...I am already having more success at this one than the one with our neighborhood subdivision! If you ever have a garage in detail what you have on and add pictures too. Let me tell ya....I have 7 of my bigger items already sold!! I am making them wait until tomorrow to come and pick them up...but I know they are checking my list out. Woo hoo!

Hoping to make some cash....and of course...get rid of our prized possessions! Ha! And we are changing a few things up a bit in our if we get rid of a couple of items...we might be getting something new. How in the world did we get so much stuff?? Feels good to get things cleaned out too.

Have you noticed I added new music to the blog??? I just love music and have been finding new things to listen wanted to share with you some of my favorites!

Still working on handbags too.....Sunday will be dedicated to them! I promise to post more pictures on Sunday!! And I have several recipes to add to the blog....homemade spaghetti and meatballs, carrot cake, and more. Will get this all accomplished for sure!

Anyways, I have nothing else new to report, except that I am excited it is the weekend! Enjoy it!
Hugs to all my blogging friends!!

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