Thursday, July 23, 2009

UPS Disappointment

So....I was so disappointed this evening.....I kept checking the front door every few minutes to make sure I hadn't missed the UPS delivery.....finally at 8:00 I decided to check the tracking again and it stated they had the incorrect address.....UH NO!!! They did not! I saw the UPS man leaving our subdivision earlier in the evening....I know he drove by our street...and yet they tried telling me that I didn't know our own address....ERRRR!

Needless to say...I was a bit perturbed. They have told me it will come had better! I was so looking forward to checking out all the new fabric that I had ordered!

The one thing I must say is that I ordered labels to put on my bags......and they have I am anxious to show them to you once I sew one to a bag!

On another note....I had a disastrous night making dinner. I tried a new recipe....and played with it a bit....who me!? Ha! (I sister and family are thinking...just like Granny K!) Anyways....I baked it...and ate a small plate of it....and it was disgusting! seriously...what was I thinking....I had just enough time to boil some water throw in some ravioli and warm up some pasta sauce so hubby had something decent to eat! The "odd dish" went down the garbage disposal.....learned my lesson on that one!

However, I did bake my friend Jurist's famous carrot cake recipe to take to work tomorrow! Will share on my recipe blog tomorrow....SO GOOD! Hubby has tried ....ummm...excuse me....for saying...but 4 pieces! LOL! He is trying to put on weight so that he can try out for a strong man competition this fall....I have promised to make him his own cake I didn't think I would have any left to take to work!!

That wraps up my night....met our new neighbors for a brief moment....both were nice and their daughter is really's nice to have a full block.

Can't wait for tomorrow....fabric delivery day two! LOL!!

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