Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great weather

So, I have been slacking on the posting's just been too nice outside during the evening to get on the computer. Monday night...hubby and I sat outside all night long....watered the lawn...played with the dog...and just enjoyed peace and quiet in our neighborhood.

Last night, Hubby's friend... "bachelor E" came over for dinner and to hang yet again..we were outside enjoying the weather.

Two good nights...I can't complain at all! I am totally neglecting our housework...but I really don't care! Ha!

I have added a few recipes that I tried on my recipe blog. Click here if you wish to take a look at them. I will add a few more in another day or so.

On another note....I have several extra handbags for sale.....all from my Thirty-One line that I have left over from shows. If you are interested in finding out more leave me a comment or email me and I can send you a picture of the item. I am selling them for less than the regular value too. Here is the list...

Small Sassy Sac Black Polka Dot "l" in hot pink polka dot appliqué -$25.00

Silk scarf pink dot/lime -$10.00

Small Bow Purse lime/brown stripe – no personalization- $25.00

Accent Purse Navy Circles- no personalization -$28.00

Shoulder strap aqua -$8.00

Thermal Lunch Bag – Animal Print – no personalization - $12.00

Thermal Zipper Tote – Multi Dot – "My Lunch" Aqua - $12.00

Thermal Zipper Tote – Pink Ditzy – "On the Go" – New Blue - $15.00

Julie Tote Pink w/Julie Stripe- no personalization - $20.00

Julie Tote Black Floral Dot – no personalization - $20.00

Dome thermal lunch tote blue/green medallion- no personalization -$12.50

Hobo Bag in blue/green medallion – no personalization- $30.00

No tax on any of these items and shipping is $5.00.

Off to do more looking forward to vacation in just a couple of days! Happy Wednesday!

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