Monday, July 13, 2009


We have made it back home....laundry is in the dryer and Hubby and I are sitting down and relaxing this evening. It is good to be home. I missed our king size bed...a queen bed just doesn't work for us anymore....I don't think I have slept good in over a week!

Bella arrived home late this afternoon. She spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks for taking great care of her! She is passed out on her bed now...they must have worn her out.

Not a lot planned for the week and I am happy that nothing is planned. Just need a week to try and get myself back in the grove of working....sure was nice to be off for so long.

I am excited that the new Harry Potter movie is out tomorrow. We will be heading to the theater to see it this weekend! Can't wait!

Off to relax some more. Enjoy your evenings.

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