Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekend plans

This weekend I am REALLY looking forward to being at home with hubby and doing whatever we feel like doing…here is a view of some of the things I hope to do:

Rest on the couch.
Do some baking and making homemade salsa
Walking with Bella
Organizing and cleaning our pantry
Redesigning my blog
Making some handbags
Begin to decorate our master bedroom
And working on a special project

As you can see….I do have a plan to rest a little! Last night we were so tired we were in bed by 9:00. It felt so good to sleep. Tonight will be another late night as we are heading to another late night movie, Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp. I am hoping to venture out tomorrow morning and do some exploring while hubby is at the gym….more to come on that later.

I am meeting Kid and Little “I” for lunch today and I can’t wait to see them both! Little “I” said his first sentence this week (if you want to see it check out my sister’s blog- so cute!) and every time I call her I hear him chatting away in the background. I can’t wait for my kisses from him! And I can’t wait to see Kid too. The older we both get the more alike I realize we are. I am so thankful we can meet up for lunch and that we live not too far away from one another.

The weather sounds like it is going to be absolutely gorgeous around here! I can’t believe it is July and it is so cool out this morning. Loving every minute!

If you see some craziness happening on my blog tomorrow or Sunday…just know I am working on it and I will have it up and running as soon as I figure out what I want it to look like.

Enjoy your weekends!!

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