Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Battling the pantry

If any of you follow my sister's blog, you have read then that when she gets in her cleaning mode....there is no stopping her till she is done.

I too can get like this....and this past Saturday was one of those times. I have had my eye on our pantry...for quite awhile now....it was driving me CRAZY! Hubby came home from the gym Saturday morning and said he was going to go "shooting" with his buddies....so I thought it was a perfect time to tear into the pantry!

One of my goals was to remove some of the clutter that was on my kitchen counters...there is no reason I should have things sitting out as I have enough room between our pantry and cabinet space. So...here are a few before and afters of the pantry...I can tell a difference...can you?

Before.....I took everything out and started over.
Look at all this crap! How did I find anything???

AHHH....and after.....look...I even have space!

Looks so much better...and each time I go in....it calms me....now the next goal is our bathroom drawers!

On another note, I am beginning to think that my sinus problems have not been my allergies...I think I have been knocked down by a cold. It has gotten the best of me....and there are three other people around me at work with the same symptoms. What a bummer. The good part is that I have been sleeping good at night....and I am showing signs of improvement today. Thank goodness! I am ready to feel like my old self again....it's no fun blowing my nose every 2 seconds.
Hubby and I are anxiously awaiting Labor Day weekend as our plans have changed...yet again. "Y" will be arriving on that Friday evening and spending 9 days with us. We are excited to have him in our home and look forward to golfing, watching some baseball, and just hanging out as a family.
I hope to update more recipes tonight....I have been trying all kinds of chicken recipes! Hubby is on a chicken and fish kick...so coming up with different ideas of cooking it has been interesting. Some of the recipes have been absolutely delicious!

Handbags are also going well...I have sold a handful....thanks to those of you who have made a purchase! I hope you enjoy them!

Until later...

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