Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a start

When I began this blog I wanted it to be similar to a daily journal of what is going on in my life. My Grandma B always kept a journal and I look forward to reading them and remember all that happened years back. I know that nowadays you can get your blog printed out and put in a binder of some sort....perhaps that is what I will do one day.

Obviously, a lot has been going on in my life and I thought I would share a bit. I am trying to begin my own business and be successful at it and I am really excited about it, but bummed that I just can't find enough time in the day with working a full time job. Perhaps, one day it can be my full time job! Either way, it just helps me relax and makes me happy so that is a good thing!

I have found a church that I have really enjoyed going to. It is a smaller congregation than I am use to, but it feels like home. I am excited to become more active and involved! I hope to volunteer in some aspect, but am undecided at this point what direction I want to go. This is such an answer to prayer!

For those of you who have been keeping up on my know the topic of having a child of my own is a tough subject. (for reasons I have explained before). However, I have something to share that is in the beginning stages....but would like to ask all of our family and friends near and far to be in prayer about for us.

After many long talks with hubby over the past month, we are in the beginning stages of looking into adoption. I don't know where God will lead us with this, but we are both interested in adopting a young child between the ages of 3-5. I am not sure even where to begin, but I do have a couple of people I am planning on contacting who have gone through this process. You might ask why not try and have a child of our own? To be honest, I am not sure that I can and I have not been to the doctor to find out. However, I am not willing to take any kinds of medicine to try and help the process. And Hubby and I both feel that there are so many children out there who need a home and family to love them that we would like to offer that to a child.'s a start for us...we both agree....we'll see what happens.

So there you have it...what is going on with me.

Off to post some recipes! Check out the Anna Phyllis blog too! I have done some updating there as well!

Enjoy your day!


abby said...

Yea D! So happy for you!! Call when you have time to catch-up, miss you ;)

Anonymous said...

D, happy to hear all the great news. God will open the doors for you guys, in whatever way he wants you to go. He knows the desires of your heart.
Love you girl!

Holls said...

What happy news! A friend of mine recently adopted a 6 year old girl. She has very quickly stolen their hearts and become their world.