Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ready for Fall

Yesterday after work I ran by Hobby Lobby (uh… of my favorite stores). They had Christmas décor up and all their fall décor was on sale! Oh it was SO HARD to resist buying any of the items! I was so tempted….but think I will wait a bit longer…..such CUTE stuff though! I just could stay in that store forever!

It has been such a mild summer here….it is hard to believe that fall is just around the corner…but I must say….I am now getting excited. I love FALL!!! Do you all have a favorite season? Let me give you my bullet points on why I love fall so much!

-Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Creamy Caramel hand soap and candles from BBW
-The colors of the leaves on the trees and all the décor for fall- I love fall colors!
-Cool days and evenings….Sweatshirt weather
-Homemade chili brewing….YUM!
-Pumpkin pie and caramel apples
-The anticipation of Christmas
Just a few of my favorites!

Yesterday I also bought a new CD…which I rarely do as most of the time I just buy the music and download on my computer….but this one I just had to have. To some of you I am sure the name will not be familiar…but for those of you who are into Christian music artists, Selah’s new CD came out yesterday. Oh my goodness…let me tell you…I am moved…it is the best! Todd Smith is one of the members of the group and his wife, Angie, has a blog and I enjoy reading it. Their story is amazing and this CD is truly inspirational. I was needing a bit of a pick me up yesterday as feeling under the weather can tend to do that….and when I got home…I just plugged the CD into our Bose System…and blasted it through the house….their voices are amazing….I can’t even put into words how I feel about this CD. I am now ready to go see them in concert…that is how much I love it!

If there is one thing about me you may not know is that I love listening to music…but especially Christian artists. I don’t know how I ever got hooked…I think it is probably due to my Dad and Mom. Music was always in our life growing up. I took piano lessons when I was younger and I also played the clarinet. Did you know that?? My Dad was the choir director at the church for many years and I can remember him listening to tapes of music for cantatas and my Mom plays the piano at church. Maybe that had something to do with it..not sure…but there is rarely a time that I go without having music playing at work, in the car and at home.
In fact…I am off to listen to some great tunes now. Enjoy your day!

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