Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well...if you have kept up with my Anna Phyllis blog you will see that things have not gone as planned this weekend.

The main thing today that I took up time was...2 trips to Lowe's and making some lunch/dinner for hubby's friend who was at our house all day helping frame our new bathroom in the basement.

Hubby wanted help framing the bathroom and then he is going to frame the rest of the basement on his good! Wanted to share some photos with you of what has occupied my day.

Below is the look from coming down the stairs.

Check out the new bathroom......
And the storage room that will be hidden behind the bathroom! I can't believe I fit everything into that area!

The bathroom is going to be a great size...plenty of room for a tub and shower, sink, toilet and room for storage! The view from the corner by the bathroom....this is going to be one huge "man" room. A large movie room with bar in the back corner.

That's all I have to share tonight....I am a bit frustrated that my "planned" weekend didn't go quite as planned....but it's okay....tomorrow is another day!

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