Saturday, August 8, 2009


As you can see....I am trying to change my blog look AGAIN. It was driving me crazy that when I am at work I cannot see the design because of the outdated Internet Explorer my company I am trying to find something that works for EVERYONE. So yes....I will be working on this blog as well as my others to see what I can come up with this weekend.

Hubby is on his way home from the gym and I am not sure what else we have planned for the weekend. Who am I kidding? I am going to be SEWING! LOL! I am not sure what he has planned.

I ran to starbucks this morning to grab me some yummy java and homemade sausage breakfast burritos are waiting to be gobbled up. There is a model home in the area that is selling all of the furniture and accessories in the I made head there in a bit to see what they have left.

Other than that...we will probably just try and stay cool. Sounds like it will be a hot one today! My stash that I had frozen of extra banana bread and chocolate chip pumpkin muffins have run out...and hubby was wanting to know if I could make sounds like I will be doing some baking as well.

I have been wanting to try and make homemade cinnamon I have never tried them before...I have a recipe of my great aunt's that I would love to try. We'll see how busy our schedule gets.

Off to get ready for Saturday!

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