Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bottling up a scent

Tomorrow I am taking off early from work and going to pick up my sister and nephew and head up home to spend the evening and Saturday with our family. We 5 grandkids are getting together at our grandparents home to go through all of their stuff and see if we would like anything.

Hubby and I drove up there this past Sunday to pick up one item and while my dad and hubby were golfing I went through some of the items my mom had already brought home. I sat on their dining room floor and just wanted to bottle up the smell. My grandparents and their home had a smell...I can't describe it...but I told my mom I wish I could bottle it up....if I could I would and take stock in it. It's a comforting they are still here with me.

I just finished reading my sister's blog...and she hit it right on the nose as to what I was thinking and feeling. Hmmmm...maybe we are related. heehee!

I am really looking forward to this trip. I want to take in as many memories as I can and store them away. I want to enjoy reminiscing and visiting with my cousins and aunt. My grandparents will be right there with us and smiling down at us as they loved when we all got together. The chatter of us grandkids always brought such a happy glow to grandma's face. I know that we will all be smiling on Saturday.

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