Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mental Health Day

Today I took a day could call it....a Mental Health Day...everyone should take one every now and then!

I just wanted to get some stuff done around the house, spend some quiet time, work on handbags, have lunch with my sissie and nephew, organize our storage area in the basement, make a little money (sold my Coach handbag to a lady who was interested in it!) and take a walk. Well...I have done just about all of that! I am still working on handbags...but everything else I have accomplished! Plus, I am making some yummy shrimp casserole for dinner! (on the recipe blog if you want to know more about it)

It's been a good day......I feel like I can make it throught tomorrow at work and then be ready for the weekend! Yea!

Kid, Little "I" and I had lunch at First Watch! SO GOOD! We ran to Target and got to just hang out for a while....always good to see them both. Little "I" is quite amazing...I must say....such a little more baby in him....and it amazes me to watch him discover everything! I still get my kisses from him though....which is just....(sigh) PRECIOUS.

I took a couple of photos...but have yet to download them to my computer...will try and put them on later.....time for some dinner!

Enjoy your evenings!

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