Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today they are calling for thunderstorms. I must say....thunderstorms are one thing I truly missed living out on the east coast. They just don't make them like the good old Midwest! We would have thunder and occasional hail...but nothing like here! I don't believe they happen out west that much either, as hubby is always talking about the crazy weather we have here!

I love it! Don't take it the wrong way, I do not wish for anyone to be caught in a storm, or have damage to their properties or homes...but there is nothing like hearing the thunder clap, rain fall and watching the clouds roll by. These are the type of days I could just sit out on our front porch and watch all day long.

Unfortunately, work is calling today. Bummer! And to top it off...I left two of our windows open about 3-4 inches...geesh! What was I thinking!

On another note, thanks to all of you for your encouraging words about the results of my 5K. I have been taking it easy this week as far as working out goes...and plan to get back into it full time next week. Hey..everyone deserves a break! heehee!

I will be posting my potato salad recipe on my recipe blog later this evening. It was a big hit with the guys at our house on Saturday evening..and hubby has requested that I make it again. I also decided I need to put some other recipes on the blog besides main be on the lookout for that. I am also hoping to get some frozen fruit cups made this week and am going to try a few new recipes too....I wish I could stay home all day and work in the kitchen...I would love it!!

I had better get some work done this morning. Happy Wednesday!~

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