Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taking one day at a time

That's really all you can do. Things begin to feel overwhelming at times. So many things happening at once....and then I just turn on some music and try to breath. That is what it feels like today.

In all this....I chose to trust God, even through all this stress and chaos. When it seems my eyes can't see through it all; I know he is right beside me. I will always praise my God, no matter what may come, because he is always faithful to me.

For those of you wondering about is the latest:

My grandpa is home from the hospital and is weak. I know that between my Mom and my Aunt A. they are doing their best in taking care of him. However, I also know how demanding my Grandpa B can be. He has to be one of the most bullheaded men I know....besides my brother...(sorry Jase)

His heart is weak, his sodium is low and he is taking so much medicine that it makes me sad. I hate to hear that he feels bad and there isn't much you can do. I feel like this is a repeat of what happened to my Granny K and I just don't know if I am ready to go through this again. I hate how hard it is on my mom and aunt and I just feel hopeless. I am hoping to get back home soon to see him again. Prayers are appreciated. I told Grandpa last night that I was praying for him...and it was the first time I believe I have ever heard him say he needs them.

We all need them.

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