Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seriously time for some new pictures...

So I was speaking to my sister this morning on the phone...and I just had to post some new pics....it's time. I can't resist. The room isn't finished...but I have to share a couple of photos of the fabric, some pics of my adorable nephew that I took on Friday when I stopped by their garage sale, and then also had to share the new look on our front porch...I even got Bella to sit still for photos!

So...here we go...ready?
Little "I" and his TIGER....GRRRR!

Trying to climb the chair...

My Thirty-One bucket...I was trying to decide what to put in it...and I think the fern is perfect! What do you think??

I hung a new wreath I bought on Friday and then planted some new flower and plants that are growing super fast thanks to Miraclegro! I had the pots last year....the one in front was a maroon color..and I wanted it black...so just got out the spray paint and did a little painting. Can't even tell it was another color!
Bella posing...hee hee....she was actually looking at the people walking on the walking trail by the pond....she so wanted to go greet them!
As promised.....my new fabric!! I LOVE IT! I think I must have said "love" a million times last night. Hubby wasn't fond of it at all when I showed him what I brought home...but when we put them up last night after I hemmed them...he...yep..you guessed it...Loves them too!
Ok..a sneak peak....of the room.....still in progress...but coming along really well!! Now if I could just find the right items for the walls.

On another note....please keep my Grandpa B in your prayers. He passed out on Sunday after church. The latest update we have received is that the doctors think he might have had a small heart attack and he is low on sodium again. They have been doing lots of tests and is in a hospital up in Nebraska. My mom and aunt have been taking turns staying with him in the hospital. He says he feels okay, so we will wait and see what the doctors say. He has decided not to have a heart cath to tell for sure what has been going on as the other tests have showed blockage, his pacemaker is working fine, but his heart is throwing a lot of extra beats, so they are going to try different meds to see what will work.
Happy Tuesday!

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