Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to blogging

The past three weeks have flown by so fast and it is almost a blur! I have traveled back and forth to Jersey, done some shopping, had 4 Thirty-One Parties, worked full time, and tried to keep the house in order while we have redone the front room of our house, and done some yard work, traveled to my hometown twice and tried to sleep. Ha!

I haven't had a lot of time for blogging...but I am back now. I sit here this morning on this beautiful Sunday morning....staring out my window...looking at the amazing sunrise and listening to the birds chirp. Nothing like being home.....

Last night, we grilled out and sat down for dinner together...without the TV!~ We haven't done that in weeks and it was so nice! As he was prepping the grill, he discovered that the birds were trying to build a nest in our grill! There are so many around here and they drive Bella crazy!

Speaking of Bella, we discovered this morning on our walk two bunny rabbits that are living across the street in the grass.....and she can hardly take being on a leash as she wants to chase them so bad! We also found the black cat living lying in the grass this morning. Quite the morning!

Today is a big day at our we are touching up a few spots and putting our furniture back into the living room! I can hardly believe it! I bought fabric for the drapes and am sewing them today too! I can't wait to see what it looks like.

I have yet to find items for the walls....I just can't make up my mind. I am going to venture out today to see if anything catches my eye.

I think that is about it right now. My 5K is next am still getting ready for it. Hubby will be there to support me and catch me at the finish line....ha!

I am also going to begin getting ready for our subdivision garage sale in just a few weeks.

Never a dull moment around here!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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