Friday, May 29, 2009

Full Bloom

The roses in front of our house have been growing like crazy and they are in FULL BLOOM right now!! I have always been one to love roses....maybe it was because both of my grandma's always had roses at their houses...but ask my hubby and it is really the only flower I absolutely love! So seeing the roses bloom this week makes me happy...I sounds cheesy...but it is true!!
This weekend as you know is a very busy weekend....I have been blessed with an amazing sister who came by yesterday and helped me out. Thanks kid!! She will be joining me at the convention center in just a few hours to help me get all set up for tonight. I have no idea what to expect or how big of a crowd will be there....but I am sure it will be fun!
Tomorrow is an all day by the time it is all over...I will be pooped! Hubby has been so supportive and knows I have been out of my normal focus this week...he has asked me to do things...and of course...I have forgotten.....good grief!!
I must say that I have enjoyed having yesterday and today off. I spent the morning yesterday driving up home and taking my Grandpa out to breakfast at McDonald's. You would have thought that he was fed like a king! He couldn't get over all that we got for $9.00. LOL!! I enjoyed every minute with him and am so thankful that I had a little one on one time with him.
This morning Bella and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood....I love cool mornings where the sun is shining...and at this moment I am out on my deck trying to type into a hard to read computer screen...I wanted to soak up some sunrays before getting myself in the shower!
I am not sure how much I will blog today or tomorrow....I know my sister plans on blogging about it be sure to check out her blog as well.
Hoping you all have wonderful weekends!!! Enjoy the sunny weather!

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abby said...

I'm so excited for your weekend!!! Can't wait to hear the details, what fun!!! xo