Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writer's Block

I have been in hit with a bit of writer's block....I just can't seem to figure out what to write about. There is anything too exciting going on right now and I can't decide on a topic.

I am in bit of a slump at work. I am tired and just not excited to go to work every day...and I know that we all go through days like that. I sit there all day and think of all the other things I wish I was doing. Ever had that problem? UGH! I don't know how to get out of it!

Home life is's okay...we are both ready for the warm weather to stay. So tired of the cold. Very thankful for the gorgeous day we had today! Bella and I took a long walk this evening around the trails and enjoyed watching deer run in front of us and checking out a couple of the neighbor boys trying to get their boat onto the pond. It was quite something!

Hubby is going through a slump right now and when he is going through do I. He is missing "Y" and I do too. We can't convince "Y" to fly out to see us as he doesn't want to fly on a plane and at this point the only way he wants to see us if we fly out west to see him. The problem is that that costs more money... and that we won't get to see him as long as if he came to stay with us. We are both feeling frustrated and trying to figure out what to if you have a moment...please say a prayer for the three of us. We are needing to figure this out together as a family.

Have I mentioned that we have new neighbors moving in at the end of the month?? I have ran into them twice and they are so nice! They have two little boys and I am so excited to have them in our block! Bella loves their boys and they seem to be very fond of her. I am sure there is going to be a lot more excitement soon going on around here! I am doing so well with Thirty-One. I can't tell you how blessed I feel! I am getting all my signage and items ready for a few parties at the end of the month and the expo in May! Lots to do and never enough time! I am working on a couple of sewing projects too! See why I can't focus on my full time job? UGH! I wish I could do Thirty-One and sewing full time! Maybe one day?

One more thing before I go.....I am counting down the days to hang out with my jersey girls! Griffin has the weekend planned out for us next weekend and it is jammed pack of fun things to do! I can't hardly will see at the top of my blog that it will be here soon! Have a great night....until tomorrow. :)

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Neil said...

Seems like you cured your writer's block, to me!

Auntie D, did you know that there's a full-on Christian book store inside Pleasant Valley Baptist Church? I voted there on Tuesday and it has greeting cards, music, home decor, books, Bibles -- everything! Thought you might be interested...