Friday, April 3, 2009


There is nothing better than spending my Friday afternoon in a line at the DMV. I went to register muscleman's truck this afternoon and got all the way through the line and found out I needed to go to another location for one more document. UG! The lady felt sorry for me...thankfully I had enough time to get there and back before they closed for the day....however...what I thought would take me 30 minutes...ended up taking almost an hour and a half! I know....Patience is what I kept telling myself.

I had enought time to swing by the store for a few items...picked up BB and headed home. Warmed up leftover chili for dinner....gobbled it down and then headed to Lowes. Why is that we always seem to find plenty of things to buy at Lowe's? It's as bad as Target. Goodness! We came out with more mulch for our front landscape....we thought we bought enough...but apparently not! Hubby will be going back tomorrow for A LOT MORE.

I took before pictures...and will post them with the after pictures once they are finished tomorrow.

Not a lot planned here for the weekend. We are having a visitor from a cute little guy tomorrow...can you guess who? yes...of course Auntie D will be posting pictures of him too! Going to get a few things done around the hosue...muscleman is doing landscaping and going to try and finish the garage....I am also going to try and make chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. I found a recipe online and have been craving them! (Not like they are going to help me lose any weight!) But ever since the Jersey girls told me about one of my former coworkers passing them out at work....I just can't get my mind off of it. (his wife made them every year around Easter and he always walked around the entire building and passed them out... it is such a special treat for everyone.) Anyways...we'll see how they go.

Oh 5K training is going good so far. I have done 7.5 miles in 2 days. I am going to have to purchase some new sneakers feet have been killing me today...I had to wear sandals to work as my toes are aching!

Thanks for all of the support and comments! I love them all!

Happy Friday night! Enjoy the weekend...and don't forget....two more days to enter for the "Power of a Praying Wife" book contest~

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abby said...

Nice work Auntie D, keep up the great effort!! Enjoy the weekend with your hubby! xo