Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot Pink Nail Polish

While on my trip to Jersey, my friends and I got pedis and manis on Sunday afternoon. The polish I picked out for my toe nails and finger nails is a hot pink color. I have never received so many comments about my nails before. It is so BRIGHT! I love's fun and different...but a definite change from what I normally get. Everytime I look down while I am typing it just makes me smile. Ahh...the littlest things truly make me happy.
I have been promising a weekend update...and it really is coming. I have been trying to catch up on all the things that we have going on at home and I will not be here again this I must try and get as much done as possible.
Hubby and I are SICK of the mess that we are living in. I am heading home this afternoon to prime the walls and sand the trim and then he is coming home to paint. I am hoping we can finish by Thursday night before I leave Friday. I have ideas for decor...but will wait until I can get the room back together and the clutter gone. It sure is changing the look! AND I LOVE IT!
I am trying a new chicken recipe tonight...if it is a success it will be on my recipe blog. And I am going to post my mom's hamburger and corn casserole recipe. I made it last week and we just love it!!
My love dare will be updated soon too. I have just not had the time to sit down and is coming though...I promise!
I must get some work done and then head home soon.

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