Thursday, April 23, 2009

Girls Weekend - Day 2

On Saturday morning we awoke to some yummy bagels and coffee. And we also got to meet Shelly, the guinea pig. Ab's wanted us to be sure we watch her eat and then I had the pleasure of carrying her back to her pin. Aren't they cute??

Then it was off to Woodburry Common's on an absolutley perfect weather day!

We shopped all day and by the end...the bags were HEAVY~!
One of the highlights of the day is that we all bought matching PJ pants from Gap. Aren't they cute?? And to top it off...they are so comfy!

We spent the night at Griffin's house and had lots of fun! It was definitely a girl sleepover and we laughed so much and stayed up really late, ate some yummy chinese food and late night snacks and Griffin made us her yummy chocolate martini's. Two nights in a row of staying up late....I sure can tell that I am getting I don't handle the late night hours as much has taken me almost the entire week to recoop.

I took the weekend off from running...and I am paying for it dearly this week! I am finally getting back into the groove of things...just a couple of weeks left before the 5K. I am working on it...some days I am more motivated than others. Today I am actually full of energy and did really well at the gym this morning. Let's hope it continues. I sure did enjoy my time off though!!

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