Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mini Getaway

Well..tomorrow I am out of here! I will be hopping on a plane and flying out east to spend the weekend with my two favorite girls from Jersey! We have been planning this trip for months and I haven't been back to Jersey in over a year! I am excited to see what all has changed!! heehee!

They have a packed full weekend of things to do while I am there and I promise lots of pictures will be taken! The main thing on our agenda is SHOPPING!! We are headed to the outlet mall on Saturday and I am hoping to find some great deals and some clothes for Spring!!

I have yet to pack, so you know what I will be doing tonight and my hubby is hoping to get a lot done in our front room while I am gone this weekend. I told him it would be a great surprise if I came back and he had it all done!! ( I know that is a lot of work...but it would be great!). He also mentioned that he is going to paint our 1/2 bath downstairs.....and I mentioned painting it in another color...and he agreed! So I am off to Lowes tonight to pick out the color!! I think I am going to stay in the brown family...but excited for it to be something different!

I am really excited and anxious for my trip! I even have all kinds of catalogs and magazines to take on the plane with me to plan my decor for our room! The best part about it is that the weather is going to be in the 70s while I am out there for two of the days!! I was so worried it would be cold. It doesn't really matter though as I am looking forward to hanging out with Griffin and Jurist!! We could just veg all weekend and I would be happy..nothing like a little bit of "girl" time to do us all some good!

Last night I played Bunco for my very first time. A few of the ladies in our subdivision started a group and we had our first gathering last was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself and had a great time getting to know some of the other ladies who live in our area. We are meeting once a month and I am already looking forward to the next time!! Hubby said I should play more often as I came home in such a good mood!! Thanks Les for hosting!! You did a great job and dinner was yummy!!

That about wraps it up for me here...I will try and post a few comments while I am out in Jersey. I have now figured out how to post from my cell phone...pretty cool! And I am sure I will be posting lots of pics once I return on Monday. Hopefully, some updated house pictures too!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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