Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 3 - Girls Weekend

The third day of our weekend we spent the day at a much slower pace. We hit a few outlets in Griffin's town and then decided that we needed bean burritos for Taco Bell. They were so yummy! We then decided to try some random place for pedis and manis. Oh my! It was an experience to say the least! I have never had so much oil put on my legs. I begged for a towel and the lady told me it would dry! I had to wipe it down with napkins from Panera Bread later in the day. Griffin and Jurist's nails looked like a 5 year old painted them....we still laughed about it all though and enjoyed our time together.

Sunday evening, Ant and Ab joined us for dinner at Houlihan's. The food was great...service was not quite up to par.
We then headed home and crashed....the late nights caught up with us and I think we were in bed before 10!
Monday morning I had a delicious breakfast from Ab's favorite spot, the Train Station. It was a perfect ending to the weekend. The weather had turned significantly cooler that day and rain was in the forecast. How did we end up so lucky with weather?
I had the best time! And miss these girls already! Looking forward to our next get together....whenever that may be.

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