Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I love being Auntie D

Oh the joys of being an Auntie. I am not sure what I expected when I found out my sister was having a baby almost 2 years ago. The thought of being an Auntie was exciting to me, but I never knew it would be this great!

There is nothing better than having my nephew run up to me smiling and giggling and ready to sit on my lap. He has changed so much in the past month. And he is SO talkative!

Reasons why I love being his Auntie D:
He tries to say my name or say anything that I say.
He gives hugs and kisses.
He likes to snuggle.
He wants to eat everything that I eat.
He likes to sing and dance.
He twists and turns his head for no reason at all...I could watch him for hours.
He knows how to make the sounds of a horse, cow, dog, monkey, chicken and tiger and even points the animals out while reading his books.
His squeals and jibber jabber melt my haert.
He tries to catch bubbles in his mouth while his arms are open wide.

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K said...

Is my baby cute or what? Great pics. Thanks so much for babysitting last night.