Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who knew?

First of all, for those of you reading this and attended my mom's Thirty-One party, THANK YOU! Thank you for coming to check out the products and for being such great support to me and my new business venture! I am speechless as to the amazing day that yesterday brought! Who knew how many ladies would show up, but my Mom sure knows how to invite people! Thanks Mom! We had 18 awesome ladies attend the open house and show. And I have 5 more parties booked! Woo hoo! I am so excited to share the great products that we offer and the added bonus is just having fun with the girls for a few hours. So thank you!

I also got to spend Friday evening with my parents. I enjoyed hanging out with them. Our time together is never long enough. With more parties booked it looks like I will be making my way back up to their house several times and I know we all look forward to that!
This morning muscleman and I decided..okay...he decided to begin painting more of the upstairs of our house. UGH! I wasn't too excited. But it ended up working out all right, I taped off the areas and he painted...not a bad deal! As you can see below...we are not finished. He painted the guest bath, the upstairs hallway and 1/2 of our master bath. He has the day off tomorrow and is going to finish the master bath and master bedroom and then all that will be left to paint is Y's room and our guest bedroom.
You might ask...what color are you painting? you can see below..the same color but with a gloss to it. The color the builder added to our home was one coat of paint and it is dull, so we wanted to make it pop and make it easier to wipe clean..just in case. The right is the gloss, the left is the dull. See the difference??

Our master bath work in progress......

Another exciting thing that happened on Friday was that the material swatches that I ordered from came in. I couldn't wait to get home last night to see what one I liked the best! I am going to make my own drapes and pillow accessories for the front room... which do you think is my favorite?? Any guesses...I will reveal tomorrow. heh...keeps ya coming back.

My biggest surprise of the weekend was today when I went to get a pedicure. The normal place I go to was so packed, so I left and decided to try a new place. And they got me right in and as I began to sit down by another lady sitting there, she commented me on my Bella bag. I was so happy to hear she liked it that I said thank you and told her I made it. That got the conversation rolling. One topic after another happened and before I knew it she asked me if I would be interested in participating with some friends of hers in a craft show near our city this fall! Oh my goodness!! We have shared our contact with one another and I am so excited! I know...I am selling great products with Thirty-One...but for someone to be interested in purchasing a bag that I make and thinks others would be too! She even owned her own business at one time and has lots of tips...all this is truly a blessing! Who knows...maybe I can make Thirty-One and my own handbags all work into a full time job one day! I would LOVE THAT~

That about wraps up my weekend. Another week is ahead of us and it is sure to be busy!

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