Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April showers bring May...Parties!

Thirty-One is showering you with opportunities!

Now is a great time to sign up for Thirty-One! You can sign up for only $25! Yes, $25!

The details: $25 will buy you 25 catalogs, order forms, invitations and training paperwork PLUS your own free business website.
Please read on for all the details and then read the attached flyer, call or email me with questions

Why Thirty-One? Why Now?
-Thirty-One is not affected by the economy! Thirty-One is thriving with record sales & recruiting
-No obligations….just try it and see if this will work for you for only $25!
-You are not committed to having a certain number of parties a month
-Make 25% commission on everything you sell
-April 1st & 2nd you can order from the newly released 31 kid catalog for 40% off (Consultants only can take advantage of this awesome special!)
-In April, if you turn in $500 in sales, you will receive 25 Direction catalog. Direction is a new teen line that will be released mid-May (Consultants can begin selling from Direction June 1st)
-If you sell $400 within your first 30 days, you can upgrade to the $99 kit. $74 plus shipping and tax ($99 - $25 = $74)
-In April, hostesses can earn DOUBLE hostess rewards! You will book shows with our awesome hostess special and the release of the 31 kid catalog
-Host your own catalog party, earn the commission AND the double hostess rewards! (party sales must be $500 to earn double hostess rewards)

More details:
· You can buy the paperwork kit for $25, try it out by hosting your catalog party or online party. If you are local, you can borrow my kit and have a home party! A party is $200 in sales, so if you have 1 party and it is a minimum of $200 in sales, you will make $50 in commission! So you make back your $25 investment and make $25 for your pocket or save to upgrade to the $99 kit!
· In addition to all of the wonderful things already mentioned, you can earn more by meeting start swell levels (see the attached flyer)
· You can sell out of the Thirty-One spring & summer catalog and the 31 kid catalog
· I will support you every step of the way! I am here to answer your questions, help you enter your first party, and train you to be successful!
· Thirty-One can help you with your bills….car payment, groceries, medical bills, credit card bills, private school, vacation….the list goes on and on!

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