Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday thoughts.....

What have I been up to lately? Made a special trip down to my sister's today to check out some of the new handbags that we had ordered for her party. They are fantastic and I can't wait for all of the gals to get their orders!

Of course spending a little play time with little "I" was wonderful too! He was all smiles...as usual.....and was quite a busy guy while I was there. He waved goodbye to me as I left and I had wished I could of stayed longer. He keeps changing so fast!

On Sunday I did spend an hour sewing my newest bag! I had to share the pictures with you. I LOVE this fabric! This one is my keeper...I think I might just begin using it tomorrow...the colors put me in the mood for spring and summer!

Another project I am beginning on is working on these books below...any idea what they are?

These are recipe books from my Great Grandma Minnie. My Dad let me borrow them and I am going to try and put some kind of collection together for my siblings and anyone else in my family that wants copies. I can't decide whether to type them out or make copies of her handwriting and bind them. I am leaning toward the 2nd choice as her handwriting is so good and beside the recipes she liked she put the word "good" and circled it.

I have placed a real close up of one of her recipes on my recipe blog...check it out if you want. I need to begin trying some of her yummy recipes as I am sure they are good!
Tonight I was so excited to watch the Biggest Loser and wouldn't you know....the President is going to speak during the last hour of the show! What happens to my hour I am missing...will it be replayed? ERRR! I am so frustrated! I think they should give us an option on our tv of whether or not we want to what the speech or watch our shows. Just my opinion...not like it matters a lot.
That about wraps it up with me for the time being. Muscleman is in bed...he couldn't sleep last night...I rearranged our furniture in our family room and did some cleaning tonight too....nothing like a clean house....or at least a room.
Looking forward to another nice day tomorrow! I am ready for spring!!
Have a great night!

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