Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random thoughts on Tuesday

Lots going on in our household. We have been having some home issues with our flooring in our pantry and laundry room. Our home is still under warranty and we have had the manager out to check things out. We have decided to receive a credit from our builder and have tile installed in both of the areas as well as our half bath downstairs and our guest bath upstairs. The tile is going to match what is in our master bath and our entry way. As you can see from the picture below, hubby and I are saving some of the costs by removing the linoleum ourselves. We began last night in the guest bath....what a mess and it stinks!
I am all ready tired of the mess and it's only been a day. The tile has been ordered so hopefully by next week we will be back to normal. A great anniversary and valentine present to the both of us.
I spent an hour tonight working on bags and organizing paperwork and listening to our dog snore! She is so loud! Hubby thinks she could be a show dog...ha! He keeps telling her how pretty she is....so funny!
I am going to be in training all day tomorrow at work. I am excited to do something different and learn about being a project manager. No....I am not switching positions, but the company selected a few of us to go through project administrator training. It will be an all day class tomorrow and I think it should be pretty interesting.
I think that about wraps up my day. New recipe for stew meat on my recipe blog...I am waiting for it to finish right now. The flavor is wonderful! Biggest Loser is on tonight so you know what I will be doing!!
Have a wonderful evening!

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