Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snowed in...and loving it!

Finally a good snow day! I have been waiting all winter for this! I am sorry for those of you who were hoping it wouldn't snow today.

This morning we were suppose to have our tile layed in 4 areas of our home....the tile guy called at 8 this morning to tell us he is going to have to do it tomorrow as he can't make it to our house. So tomorrow we will get it taken care of.

We had a lot on our agenda today. Hubby is off getting a massage right now....I am at home about to make some yummy breakfast....we were planning on car shopping...but that is postponed too.

Thank goodness I went to the store last night to stock up! I don't think I will be getting out at all today!

Bella and I ventured out at about 7 this morning to scoop off the sidewalk and driveway for the tile's completely covered again.....I think we must have about 4 inches!

I will take pictures later on today of all that is happening at our house.

I am trying to find a yummy cake or bread recipe to make today and have a Thirty-One party to prepare for....other than that just catching a few things up on the computer.

Can't do any laundry as the laundry room is out of service at the moment....the washer and dryer are sitting in our hallway. Oh darn! hehe!

Hope you all enjoy your day....I will post more later.

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