Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help Fairfax's Field

Check this out..I received this in an email from a former classmate of mine.

VOTE for the Fairfax Softball Field!

Frosted Flakes is rebuilding ball fields. Fairfax ( my hometown) is a town of 650 people and could use an upgrade badly on their ball field.

I am asking you to take one minute out of your life and vote on the Fairfax softball field and I ask that you let everyone you know that you believe would vote on their field out of the kindness of their heart. They need new equipment a score board a outfield fence and seating for the community. It would also be nice to have to have a playground area for the children to play on.

I understand that hard times are hitting our economy and this is something that will allow a small town that has always made it on its own to have hope from the kindness of others to vote on field that you may never get to see or your children may never get to play on. I would ask you to vote on a community that has a wealth of volunteers and a community that is wonderful place to live if you would like to vote on our field and give them a chance to have frosted flakes rebuild their fields this is what you need to do.

go to
click on plant a seed
click on search nominated fields
then put MO and 64446 for state and zip
vote on this Fairfax Softball field

It takes very little time and all the votes would be appreciated! Oh..and you will get a $1.00 off coupon for Frosted Flakes for voting..not bad!

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Holly said...

Good luck with the voting! :)