Thursday, January 7, 2010

The WHITE stuff

There isn't much to talk about besides....well....the WHITE stuff.

Yes...we have been hit again with more of it. It has gotten to the point that Bella can't even hardly get around outside....she is drowning in snow!

I made it to work this morning after trying to get up our hill..oh about 20 times....getting stuck three times and digging myself out three times. What a way to start the morning!

Business is BOOMING at that is a good long as we can all make it here.

Here are a few pictures looking out my window at work. Didn't want any of you to miss out on all the WHITE!

This is looking up at the skylight in our lobby....see all ths now covering the windows? It looks cool with the sun trying to shine in.

Hope you all are staying warm.

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