Friday, January 8, 2010

What I would like to do in 2010

You can call these New Year's resolutions if you would like....but I am calling them the partial list of what I would like to do in 2010. Will I do them all....probably not....but at least I have a list to focus on.

I want to be a better listener. – Quick to listen and SLOW to speak. I guess you could say I have a low attention span. I hear what you are telling me for the first minute…and then after that I start thinking about something else…and….then I can’t remember what you first said to me. Oh’s horrible!

To read the entire bible by next January. I have attempted this before and failed miserably. But I know that is okay…so this year I bought myself a new One Year Bible…and I am so far… completing each day successfully. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to just dive into his word and read. I long to become closer to God and lean on him at all times. So along with this I want to be a better Christian….I want to know Jesus more intimately and spend time in just prayer with him. I can make it in life without him.

Be a better wife. This goes along with the listening part. It’s not that I think I am bad wife; however I just tend to lose myself in my own projects and always having to do something. I am putting my marriage at the top of my priority list instead of halfway down. I am going to take a break from spending so much time on the computer at nights instead of just “enjoying” my husband’s company. I want to make our marriage stronger.

Take better care of myself. I have gotten off the beaten path of working out on a regular basis and eating healthy. The holidays got the best of me this year and I feel like I went out of control. I want to feel better about myself and my body and I hope to get back to the gym soon, if our roads ever get decent! But for now I am working out at home and watching my calories. Oh it is hard!

To become more involved at church. I have found a church to call home and absolutely love it. I am so excited about this New Year and what all God has in store for me at church. I truly feel he led me here and am so thankful for the friends I have made and will make.

To be BOLD. I don’t know how many of you read McMama’s blog…but she has inspired me to …BE BOLD…at EVERYTHING…sharing, blogging, facebooking, twittering, emailing, etc. I won’t go into all that I feel about this subject right now…but if you want to read more about what she wrote on this subject…click here. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Sew more and begin/learn embroidering. Enough said about that.
Organize/Prioritize my life. Maybe this just means getting back to the basics. I don’t know…I feel like I just need to take a step back…and look at what is really important in life. Also - I am going to tackle MY room as it has become a complete and utter disaster since October! I can't even walk into it at this moment. Out of control! Also in this category would be.....spending less...and giving more.. more on that later.

Go on a cruise to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  This may or may not happen depending on a few things going on in our lives right now. It is looking like it wouldn't be until next we have a ways a way to plan it.

Get a blog makeover. This is coming soon.....I am on a waiting list....and can't wait to get started on it! - yes..I have changed the background for now...but I hope to get an ENTIRE new design soon!

Help my hubby finish the basement (aka - hire the inlaws to fly here to get it done). I am so tired of looking at the clutter (christmas stuff I haven't put away) and the mess one sees it...but it will be so nice to get it done! And....the bonus is that there is going to be  spot for me to goodbye gym membership!

So there you have it….some of what I would like to do in 2010.

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The Sweet Life said...

I like your goals...I think I should look into getting a blog makeover. I desperately need it.