Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Master Bedroom

I was reading The Nester's post ono Monday and was inspire to do take down our window yesterday during lunch...they came down...everything but the blinds....

I have only been promising Hubby for about 2 years that I would get it decorated.....still hasn't happened...I just can't decide what I want to do.....UGH!

So I have been gathering pictures and getting ideas....I know for sure that I want to make my own window that is I just have to decide on the colors and the fabric of the room.

Hubby likes warm tones...I like cool tones...what's a girl to do?! See my dilemma! I want it to be a peaceful..restful...inviting place for us both...but he color scheme is throwing me all off! I would totally paint the room a different color...but Hubby does not want to add color to any of the walls in our case we sell one day....oh dear....I need more than just the brown color going on in our life. LOL!

I have also been buying a few decor items every once in awhile....but they are all just hanging out on the floor waiting to be used...I think they are getting lonely! LOL! And the more I stare at them them more I wonder if they are even going to work in the room.

We are nightstandless....if that is such a word....I can't make a decision there either...the bedding we have...I like...but the pillow shams already have a HUGE hole in them...What is up with that!

So just to is where I am with the where..... here is to hoping I finish this project sometime before 2011. :)

Here are some pics of my blank canvas. LOL!

Do you see my dilemma??

On another note - if you are wanting some yummy new recipes to sure to check out my recipe blog on the right! I have labeled the items makes it easier for sorting. 

The Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe is my FAVORITE. It reminds me of the good ole days....I grew up in a small town...with not a lot to do.  Every year the sorority ladies in town would host a craft fair in the school cafeteria and gym. It use to be a  REALLY big thing....the sorority would set up a little cafe inside as well and one of the items they would sell would be the soup.....oh and cinnamon GOOD. It is a fond memory I have as a child....Mom would bundle up her three kids and we would head to town to check out the different craft booths and get a bite to eat....I always thought it was such a treat!  For a small town of 800 having something to do on a Saturday was something to look forward to.

I don't think that they do this anymore...which is sad to me....but I know times I will just think about the memories and enjoy some more of the soup today at lunch.

I promise if you try it you won't be disappointed!

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Twice as Nice said...

I'm sure you've heard of Buzzings of a Queen Bee. If not, you can find her on our side bar. Her bedroom set up reminds me of yours only she has light blue walls. She tried to copy an elegant yet simple bedroom she found in a mag. and I think she used a brown toile fabric for curtains. The bed is done with mostly whites and then a throw at the end.
You don't have to copy exactly but if you use whites or creams for bedding (there is nothing better than quits for this. they wash so nice) put up some mistreatments in your favorite fabric, and add color in accessories I think you'll be happy. Also what I do for a bedskirt because I have both a headboard and footboard is use the fabric that matches the curtains if you want and cut it to size and slip it under the matress on both sides. This way you get a bedskirt that isn't 3 inches too short and it does stay in place.
Look thru magazines to find the style you want. That should help. Good luck.