Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Hobby???

I had shared this story with my Jersey friends and they got such a kick out of it…thought I would share it with the rest of you…hoping you can get a good laugh too.

So last night…Hubby came home…sat down for dinner and proceeded to tell me that he has been thinking about it for 3 months and that he wants a motorcycle instead of a riding lawn mower. (uh…excuse me..what?!) I almost…and I say…almost blew up….but I took a deep breath and contained myself….he said that he just wants another hobby…and he doesn’t want a riding lawn mower…instead he wants a bike….two of his technicians have bikes and they are planning a trip this summer to the Black Hills in SD….and he said…I have never been……in the back of my mind…I am thinking…uh…..well …neither have I!

SO…I took a deep breath….I just calmly said….well babe….we can think about it…and he said…I have been for 3 months. (sigh…more deep breaths while standing at the kitchen sink wondering what to say next)

My thoughts at this point are going a hundred miles a minute in my head - Uh…..well just blow me over…this is the first I have heard about it!! He has been going on and on since last year about he must have a riding lawn mower because it hurts his back to much to use the push mower and he won’t do it again this summer. We just went to Hobby Lobby this past weekend to fill his need for another hobby…model planes…and now this?

We finished dinner and he proceeded to start looking online at craigslist..and he wanted my help….but I preoccupied myself….trying to gently remind him of all the other projects we should finish first…..since we are great at starting them but horrible with finishing them.

He asked..”So…are you on board?” SIGH….I told him that I was in a state of shock….and I think it is great that he wants to have another hobby…..but I kindly said….and I quote as I was speaking very sweet like “Honey….you just caught me off guard….I am the one in charge of the finances and I am a worry wart about it…you go from one thing to another….we just talked last weekend about painting and redoing the family room and getting new furniture…we have the basement to finish…we are planning a trip….we want to do landscaping this spring….we still have to finish the garage and I would love to get our bedroom finally decorated....I guess you could call it overload at this moment”.

What I really wanted to say…is WHAT! Are you crazy? How many things in our house have we bought because you need a new hobby….and they just sit around…no…no you aren’t getting one….it is a waste of money…I would love to go on weekend trips too…but I can’t get you to move on your stinkin butt on the weekends….so sorry babe…but you can just forget about it! Finish the basement, garage, landscaping and focus on golf and your models instead…you have enough to do.


So….once I got him calmed down about the bike…not another word has been mentioned…and I hope it stays that way. He just told me two weeks ago that we need to be tight on our finances because they keep firing people at his company…and now he has changed his mind. LOL! Hoping my gentle reminders do the trick as well as some heavy praying.

Other than that…we had a nice evening…watched the movie Gone in 60 seconds…or something like that…it was actually a really nice night…..oh and I made another batch of cookies…so good! Yes they are on the blog…the Oatmeal Crispies…they are addictive!

This morning….I hurt my baby Bella…I was trimming her nails and started to cut one too short..she yelped and it started bleeding…I have been feeling horrible about it. I went home for lunch and the tip of the nail I had cut partially had torn off…she had bled some more…luckily she was in the basement. She is still so traumatized I have never seen her look like she wanted to cry…poor thing. Hoping she is in better spirits tonight.

I am heading to Sesame Street Live with my nephew and sister tonight…and I am so excited!!! Seriously…I am! I can hardly wait to see what Little “I” is going to do when he sees all the characters! His 2nd birthday is tomorrow and this is part of Uncle Ike and Auntie D’s present to him. Should be lots of fun!

That is my wrap up! Happy Thursday! Hoping you all got a good chuckle out of my night last night.

PS- Thanks for the tips about the bedroom..I have already started gathering up pictures of some I love…will share with you all later.

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