Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy Saturday

The weekend has arrived and I am so thankful that it has! I am sipping on some coffee while I watch some I Love Lucy shows and just relaxing this morning.  It is so dark and dreary outside.  Hubs is at the gym and I have already made it out today for some food happy that is done!

I was so looking forward to sleeping in today and of course....I woke up at 5:30! Go figure! :)

I am hoping to do some sewing today...Hubs wants to go to Hobby Lobby today....OH YEAH~! That made me so happy..hehe!  I ran there yesterday to just check things out since I hadn't been to the store since before Christmas. My cousin gave me a giftcard and I was able to use it on a sewing book as well as a Paula Deen special magazine and some new notepaper...branded as Fiddlestix! I was so excited when I saw them...may have to grab some more today! Thanks to the coupon I had printed off online I ended up spending $1.42 after using my giftcard. Thanks Rach for the gift! :)

While in Hobby Lobby, I saw a chair.....that I have fallen in love with....I think it would look great in my craft plan is to take a look at it again today.....wait for the new ad tomorrow...and if I am still wanting it I will get it on Monday during lunch.....don't want to jump into anything.

I am really wanting to decorate our master bedroom....but I just can't seem to make any decisions....but I am tired of looking at the bare walls and having my alarm clock on the floor. I just need to get myself motivated I guess.

I have been catching up on some blogs this morning and I think Rhoda's is my favorite...have you read it? If you are a blogger....I recommed reading it....I think I have been struggling with balancing my life with I will admit...I got pretty wrapped up in it this fall and could spend hours at night reading and surfing...I know I have mentioned it's a must read.

I don't know if you all saw that the PW was having a giveaway for a weekend at her ranch and it includes sushi! I entered....and was telling Hubby last night....I would LOVE to win....I think the last time I checked there was over 20,000 entries.....phew...that is quite a bit!

Oh well....a girl can dream!

I think I will just finish my coffee....unload the dishwasher....and do some laundry...sounds fun....doesn't it!?

Happy Saturday!

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