Friday, January 29, 2010

Somebody turns 2 today

Happy 2nd Birthday Little "I"
Auntie D, Uncle Ike, "Y" and Bella love you very much!!!!

You are growing up so fast!

So this year for part of Little "I"s birthday present we decided to give him tickets to see Sesame Street Live.
He tends to receive so many gifts from the rest of the family that we thought it would be fun to give him something different...and since he LOVES Sesame Street....we thought this was perfect...especially the day before his bday!

So I met my sister and "I" at the Crayola Cafe for dinner....he was fascinated by all the crayons and lights.

Then we headed to the was about an 1 1/2 hours and I think that was just about the right amount as I don't know he would have sat still for much longer. 

The show was great and very entertaining.  The first part of the show he sat on our laps and just watched...I don't know if he was sure what to do...but after intermission he livened up quite a bit and was stomping his feet and clapping his hands and cute!

I asked him afterwards if he had a good time...and he said "yes" with a smile.  Perfect ending to the night!

Here he is with his Mommy.  The seats were so close together that it was hard to take pictures of hoping my sister got some good shots too.

Happy Birthday "I"! Can't wait to celebrate with you at your party!!
Hoping you'll take a bite of the cake this year!

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