Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday to all of our friends and family! Wow this week sure has flown. We have been busy getting settled into our new home. I can't say enough how much we are enjoying living in the Liberty area. How convenient and close we are to everything! My drive to work is much shorter and isn't as frustrating as commuting to and from the south side of Lees Summit.

This weekend will be busy for us. We plan on hanging up all of our window treatments, and bathroom fixtures. We also hope to get our garage emptied and sorted so that Mike can begin to build his shop in the 3rd garage. He has requested a "saw" for his birthday in a few weeks, so I think we will just give it to him a little early.

We are trying to sell our sofa, chair and ottoman too. I posted it on Craigs List last night..and let me tell ya, we have gotten an overwhelming amount of responses in less than a day! I think this thing really works! Hoping to get rid of the pieces by the end of the weekend. Who knows..maybe I will try and sell some of our other items on this website. It seems to work well.

We will also be making one more trip down to the apartment to pack up any remaining items. It will feel good to get that all taken care of.

I hope to get more pictures posted on here soon. I promise! :) We have construction going on beside us at the moment. They have just begun to build the house two doors down from us. I think it will be cool to watch how fast they get it done. Our culdesac will sure be changing.

Hoping everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend!

OH! One more thing. At the bottom of my blog is my "tips" ...I am going to have to try and find a better place for them, but for right now..that is where they are located..hehe!


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