Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday

We made it! It's Friday! And our house has completed it's home inspection. These are pictures our realtor took of us. One more week until closing. All went well with the home inspection, except a few minor things that we plan to have fixed by the builder. The bonus is that we have a home warranty. After being inside the house today taking pictures, I am getting really excited! I can't hardly wait to move in and make it our home. So much room! My mom helped me last night pick out our washer, dryer and fridge. They are going to be delivered next Saturday. THANK YOU MOM for helping me take care of this. I am sure glad it is done. And the bonus is that we were able to use our realtor's builders discount and Nebraska Furniture Mart! It thank you!

My wonderful husband took me out to dinner tonight to Garazzos. YUMMY! So much pasta we brought it home. I had another busy day at work and so he took me out for a treat and to top it off he had tried to help clean up the apartment before I got home. Boy have our roles changed a bit since Jersey. I truly appreciate his help. You're the best babe!

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Heading out with my sister to do so home shopping stuff. Hoping to find some window treatments and other odds and ends for our house. Also have a few errands to run and odds and end things to take care of. I am sure glad it is the weekend.

Our laundry is piled up and we are out of dishwashing soap, I just can't bring myself to hand wash the I will wait until tomorrow to pick some up. The dishes are beginning to pile up in the sink. Still need to pack some things, maybe tomorrow I can get a few things put away. Not too worried about it though.

Life is good. And I am so blessed. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, D

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