Thursday, May 15, 2008

Closing tomorrow

That's right, we are closing on our first home tomorrow! The punch list has been complete and Mike is meeting with the builder at 6:30 am tomorrow to make sure all is complete. We will close at 3:00 pm and after that it's ours! We can hardly believe it. Mike and I both feel like someone needs to pinch us to make sure it is all happening.

We have been packing what little we have to pack, still have items in the kitchen left, my mom will be here tomorrow night to help us load up again.

Poor Bella is confused again. She has been sulking all night, little does she know that she is going to have so much room to play and run free soon.

This week has been busy. I can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday. Where does the time go?? Last night I went to my Great Uncle Richard's visitation. He passed away over the weekend. My prayers and love goes out to each member of his family. He was a great man, with a lot of heart. It had been several years since I last saw him, but I will always remember his home that he shared with Aunt Betty and how much he loved to joke with my mom and all of us. He was quite a character and will be missed dearly. It is so comforting knowing that he is now in heaven with Aunt Betty and that they are there visiting with my Grandma. He was welcomed with open arms.

This weekend will be packed full of events. We will be unpacking on Saturday and doing some cleaning. My sister, brother in law, nephew and my mom will be there to assist and my dad will be coming down later in the afternoon. Mike has softball games all day on Sunday afternoon and it is my baby sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Kara! I am so happy that I live closer to you and will be able to celebrate with you..even if it is for an hour or so. :)

Also, I want to congratulate my cousin Robert. He is graduating from Saint Paul's school of theology tomorrow afternoon. He will be the pastor at Appleton City, Missouri. We are all very proud of him and all of his accomplishments and wish for him the best of luck in his new church. We can't wait to visit and hear you preach.

God is good and it is very evident in the lives of my family members and myself. What an awesome feeling!

I think that about wraps it up for the day. One more load of laundry to do. I mentioned to a few of my friends that I am thinking about putting in my "tip" of the day for you all. it goes..the first tip..for you Bare Escentual makeup users..I know who you are. hehe! Take your favorite lip gloss and dip it into your favorite eye shadow/blush (B.E. brand) and brush it on your lips...fantastic new shade! I do this every morning. I love it!

More tips to come...some you may like and others you might not, I will be offering my ideas/thoughts/tips on different things I come across. I plan to try and set it up on this blog somehow as a daily thing, even if I don't update my blog daily.

Anyways, that about wraps it up.

good night all.

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