Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Short tonight

I am up later than usual tonight and still feel like I didn't accomplish much. I did get a few Mother's Day gifts ordered be on the lookout in IDAHO! :)

I am going to be short and sweet tonight. Many have asked how Bella, our puggle is doing. She is a really well behave puppy for only being 9 months old. Everywhere she goes everyone thinks she is the cutest thing ever! I dropped her off at the animal clinic this morning. They have daytime boarding there and she needed an updated vaccine for kennel cough. Oh and she got a bath..boy did she need it! She was hyper though when she got home which leads me to believe she didn't play a whole lot today. She is asleep now. She is 20 lbs and hopefully not getting any bigger. We had her spade a few weeks ago and I am glad that is over. She was so DRAMATIC after that happened. Quite the Miss Princess...needing both my attention and daddy's!

Tonight we beat Mike home and she knew that he had been home already and wasn't there. (he had gone to workout). She about went nuts sniffing around our place looking for him and she stood at our bedroom window and kept watch until he arrived safely back home.

I will post a picture of her...of course! I don't have any recent ones, but one from when we first moved back. I sure hope she enjoys having a big yard and basement to hang out in. Mommy and Daddy will be glad to have a little more space too.

I often wonder what she thinks about. Tonight we have been watching her sleep and realizing that she is dreaming. (or at least that is our guess) So funny.
Ok...I must get to bed. Another early morning tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get a good night of rest. Until tomorrow..D

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