Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Middle of the day

Hard to believe that I am writing a post in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, but I am not busy at the moment. Since we have moved into our home I have found less time to be on the internet and I haven't watched TV since last Thursday and that is a record for Mike and I!

We have been enjoying our new home so much. Just the peace and quiet we have and to be able to sit outside on our own deck. Wow, does that feel good!

Mike has been doing a great job of watering our lawn at night and taking care of the outdoor projects. I have slowly begun to get our kitchen organized. I finally found the bottom of our kitchen counter last night. Progress is beginning to happen.

This weekend we will spend time putting up window treatments and putting more items away. Mike hopes to get some golfing in too. I hope to get pictures of the inside of our house posted on our blog soon, for those of you who live far away.

Thanks to all of you for all of the great notes, congrats and help that you have sent/given to Mike and I. It is great to have friends and family like you all!

This update is short, just wanted to let everyone know that the unpacking has begun ..more to come later. Have a great day!


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