Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy day

Oh my goodness is my new job keeping me busy. I must admit the first week, I was a bit worried. But out! I am so swamped the entire day. I actually got up early this morning and left the house before Mike...that is a 1st! I dropped Bella off at daycare and was at work by 7:15. Worked till about 5;15 tonight without taking a lunch. So different than my work life at Vollers. Grant it, I probably could have worked that hard there, but the motivation that HNTB provides versus Vollers is so much greater. We strive to earn a monthly bonus. The goal is to get over 87% of our monthly bills out in the first two weeks of the month and be at least 95% accurate. Each of my invoices go through a whole process before being audited by our internal auditor. I am billing for the Great Lakes region. The contacts I work with are based in Indianapolis, however my bills are from anywhere in Indiana, Ohio, Chicago area, or Wisconsin area. It is definitely interesting and I must be on my toes at all times. I am really enjoying it! And I am loving working in downtown KCity, even if I don't get out much. The first two weeks of each month are so busy, and the final two weeks are lots of flexibility. Which I know I will enjoy!

Mondays are my favorite night for television. I must confess that I am a Little People Big World addict! I love this show!! And I can't even tell you really why I do.. Mike and I are hooked...we dvr the shows whenever they are on! We can't get enough. I love it! My friend Abby lives in Beaverton, OR, which is where they are located...I wonder if she knows where the Roloff farm is!? I think they are just an amazing family and I love to hear about what their family does and how they accomplish so much...they are truly an inspiration.

About 10 days and we will own a home. OMG! So much to do and not a lot of time. I am not really getting very stressed about it though. Maybe I should..but moving across town seems easy compared to moving across the country. There is a lot to get though, things you take for grant it when living in an apartment, window treatments, toilet paper holders, lawn care maintenance, trash, etc. I need to sit down and make a list of all we need. We have begun a list...but I need more details! Setting up all of our utilities, etc. The list goes on and on.

I think that about wraps up the day for me. A big hi to Rae Rae! I can't believe you blog too! I love knowing that you do!! The secret is out!! And I am so glad!

sleep tight friends. :)


Anonymous said...

Love your blog it is like my reality tv! Keep it going I Love it but don't see how you will be able to keep up with my personal e-mails which I love as well.

Rach said...

I also DVR Little People and John and Kate...I am hooked. Maybe our next girls trip should be to Roloff farms!