Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday mornings

Thank you to all of you for your sweet comments and well wishes to us both! How I love your notes and comments. :)

I was hoping to sleep in a bit this morning, however I woke up at 6:30. How does that happen? I guess that is sleeping in...but not as much as I would have preferred.

We had a low key night last night...ordered in Chinese food and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Did you watch? I am not sure if I have ever had the patience to watch it all...but last night I did! There is just something about watching the good ole USA team walk in...simply amazing!

Today, is our celebration day! I have been looking forward to this ALL week. I had hoped to get away for the weekend, but Hubs is out of vacation days....and we didn't want to pay a fortune to go we are headed to the Country Club Plaza for the evening. We have dinner reservations and a hotel room. Woo hoo!  Hoping I can convince Hubby to do a bit of shopping too...and I have hinted that I would love to go and see the movie Valentine's Day. Just a slight hint...ha!

The best part is that we will be able to check into our hotel room and just walk around the rest of the travelling in the car.  It will be as close as I can get to the weekends we use to spend in NYC. I always looked forward to them...just drove in parked the car and walked around all weekend....miss that for sure!

We don't typically do much for each other for Valentine's Day....we combine the two together. The best part...this year I didn't have to get him a gift, as we have decided to get some decorating advice for a room in our house by an online decorating consultant....not going to tell you all which room yet will be a surprise! I have one style of tastes...he has another...and we need someone to help us figure out how to combine the two so that we both can be comfortable....hopefully this will work! ha!

I have a surprise for you all in just a few be sure to be checking back! This blog is about to have a WHOLE new look! I cannot wait to show you all. :)

That about wraps up my exciting morning. I need to get some cards ready for the mail, unload and load the never ending dishwasher, work on some laundry, take the dog outside....and hopefully run and get a manicure this morning. wears me out just thinking about it all!

Happy Saturday!

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