Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Simple Pleasures

I am a little late at writing this...but Kelly had written a post about simple pleasures in life...

As I sit by the fire this morning before getting ready for work....I began making my list. There are so many things that are so simple....and bring joy to my heart....

The pitter patter of rain gently falling from the sky
The smell of fresh pine trees
Bella hopping on top of my lap
The smell of popcorn popping
My nephew calling my name
My husband's hand gently touching my back as he tells me goodbye before he goes to work each morning
Hugs from my family
My grandmother's letters and notes
Lazy weekends
Smell of coffee brewing
My comfy Gap pants that I have in two colors, are falling apart and I think are almost 5 years old, but I look forward to going home and putting on every night after work
Quiet time to spend reading the Bible
Baking/Cooking in the kitchen
Clean hot towels pulled from the dryer
Collecting cookbooks
The smell of freshly cut grass
My parents home....sitting outside in the country just taking it all in
Old pictures
Road trips

These are just a few...I know that there are many more....what are some of yours?

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