Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The dozers are out!

We now have two holes being dug behind our home......a  definite sign of spring to me! This first lot is already sold....

They were there all day yesterday...and this is what I saw this morning before I left for work.  We have lived here almost 2 years....and it looks like by April we will have a street full of homes behind our house. I wonder who are neighbors will will be different looking out back and seeing another home behind us....we have been blessed with some privacy for the first two years.

This is the lot they will be working on today.

And this is looking to left ...another lot sold...and home going up

Now if we could just help our neighbor out in selling her home...anyone want to be our next door neighbor? Ha! 


Allyson said...

Spring cannot get here soon enough!! Our neighbors house is for sale too, I hope and pray we get nice neighbors whenever they sell their house.

Twice as Nice said...

I would have mixed feelings about the build. It's so nice to have privacy and yet if you get nice neighbors you could develope life long friendships. Maybe someone will move in that has a child your stepson's age. That would be great for him when he comes to visit.